How to take care of your sex dolls?

If you are not getting enough sexual satisfaction from your partners, then you can make use of a sex doll for the purpose. These battery-operated dolls have the right function installed in them to give you the hottest sessions that you might not get from your partner. However, you should take proper care of your sex dolls to ensure that you can use it for a long time. Moreover, having healthy habits with your sex toys will also prove to be good for your health too. These are some of the options which you can explore while taking care of your pleasure dolls.

  • You must always use lubricants while having sex with these dolls. Most of these dolls have tight love holes, which can produce significant friction during the action. You must use the lubricant to avoid your penis getting hurt.
  • If it is an inflatable doll, then you must use an electric pump. Avoid inflating it with your lung power, since it requires a lot of air, and your lungs might not be able to support it.
  • You must clean your pleasure dolls thoroughly. You must pay special attention to the penetration regions. Your semen provides excellent nutrition for bacterial and fungal growth, and you expose your penis to these regions. It is good to have sex with extreme passion, but it is also important to maintain hygiene all through the process.
  • Do not share sex dolls with your friends. Your friends might be as horny as you are, but may not be as hygienic as he is supposed to be. Moreover, you might not know if your friend has any STD. You must not contract any disease while satisfying the sexual needs of your friend.

Pleasure dolls are excellent options for venting out sexual desires without the fear of getting rejected. However, you must ensure that you use your pleasure dolls responsibly for a long time.