What will your kiss be like at the end of the ceremony?

You may kiss the bride. If this phrase resonates especially in romantic comedies, some mayors and even some priests declaim it once the consents have been pronounced. Have you ever thought about what your kiss will take?

How do you plan to prepare your wedding ceremony? First, by choosing a beautiful wedding dress that reflects your style as well as a wedding suit suited to the personality of your companion. Also maybe by choosing lyrics and songs that will sound at different times of the ceremony or by reserving your wedding rings to make sure they are available for the big day. But have you thought about the closing kiss of your union?

If the famous phrase “You can kiss the bride” is mostly used in romantic films, your mayor, ceremonial officiant or even priest will be able to pronounce it following the exchange of alliances and consents. So you have to be ready to Kissing VR Porn you!

On this International Kissing Day, we invite you to review the different ways of kissing that can be considered to seal your union.

A kiss on the cheek

If you are getting married in church, it would obviously be inappropriate to Kiss full on the lips as soon as your covenants have been exchanged! Some will therefore choose the option of a chaste kiss on the bride’s cheek as a sign of affection before kissing more openly upon leaving the church or during the reception.

A discreet smack

If you are a discreet couple or have grandparents or coworkers among your wedding invitations who you do not feel comfortable kissing passionately, prefer a quick and tender kiss on the mouth. You don’t have to have a fiery kiss if you don’t like displays of affection in public.

A kiss assumed on the mouth

You are just waiting for one thing, to finally be able to kiss your wife in her beautiful lace wedding dress. You have just said yes to each other and you want to express your joy at being united with each other. So don’t hesitate to exchange a frank kiss on the mouth, a testament to your love and attachment. This is the option most commonly chosen by the bride and groom.

A chivalrous kiss

The so-called chivalrous kiss consists of the groom placing his hands around his wife’s face, his little fingers resting just below the jaw line of his half, the others on her cheeks. Holding his wife’s face in his hands and looking her straight in the eyes, the man will gently lean in her direction to kiss her.

A kiss entwined

On a daily basis, you are big fans of hugs. You like to show affection for each other with tender gestures. At the end of your ceremony, therefore, do not hesitate to hug your husband in his beautiful white wedding suit and kiss him while holding him in your arms.

A French Kiss

Perhaps the most daring of you will engage in the famous French Kiss or kiss with the tongue at the end of your ceremony. While this option should obviously be banned within a church, secular ceremonies, on the other hand, allow everyone to express their happiness in their own way. If your relationship is particularly demonstrative, this may be the option you will choose for D-Day.

A cinema kiss

Whether it’s a touch of humor or you particularly like romantic comedies and black and white movies why not stage a real Hollywood kiss as a result of your consents. The idea of the Hollywood kiss is for the man to flip his wife back in her gorgeous mermaid wedding dress and kiss her passionately while leaning in her direction. Guaranteed visual effect!

Your honeymoon kiss is on point? All you have to do is repeat your wedding speech and you will be all set to live your ceremony serenely, having anticipated all the stages of your union.