Wounds Are Made To Heal But The Scar Remains

Everyone wants to live happily ever after. Many couples go through hell, just because at a subconscious level, they believe everything will be fine in the end. The subconscious assurance makes them bear much hardship, turbulence. The underline faith keeps them moving towards the mirage, which they think to be an oasis. In the real world, everything is not painted in black or white; there are many shades of grey. There is no iconic figure brimming with morality, chastity as they are shown on the silver screen or in novels. People have bad habits, mindsets, and attitudes which deter a fulfilling relationship.

Being alone and being lonely are not.

You may think everything is fine, as long he loves you. But once you take out the rose-tinted glass, the world may look nauseating. On the panorama, which you thought to be pristine and serene, there could be dark clouds of Serial cheaters signs. There could be many signs and symptoms of the relationship are becoming toxic. It is not that only men become adulterous; it true to both genders and all sexual orientations.

Loneliness and solitude are often regarded as synonymous; the former one is dreadful and the latter an act of free will. Even the most introverted person in this world long for emotional security, human interaction, and affection. But the fear of being alone pushes many couples to continue with a toxic relationship. Every trial and error, the path one compels to take is to get out of the abusive, heartless relationship.

Being alone and being lonely are not both sides of the same coin. Staying in an abusive relationship is more hurtful and more challenging to bear than living alone. When you step out of a toxic relationship, you get the breathing space to reflect and analyze the warning signs that were constantly appearing, but you chose to ignore those. Wounds are made to heal, but the scar remains. These tremulous experiences may have quivered your soul but transformed you to a better human being. Now you are not afraid to take bold instant decisions if things go wrong in subsequent relationships. You have the courage and strength to step out of the relationship or take corrective steps.

Toxic, abusive relationship not only happens between lovers, husband, and wife, it can happen between friends, parents, and siblings. Toxic people stay poisonous; the more you stay close to them, the more you get tainted with hatred and apathy. If you want to get intoxicated, it is your problem and their gain; if you’re going to step out of the dingy cell, you will find an open, bright horizon to welcome you.

A journey of equality

One of the vital Serial cheaters signs is blaming the other. This constant browbeating, aggressive attitude prevents the personal growth of the accused person. He/she feels low in self-esteem and eventually stops expressing their feeling and opinions, as they start realizing it does not matter. A healthy, compassionate relationship always encourages growth and exchange of ideas from both sides; it is a journey of equality, a passage of love and tenderness, which is priceless, eternal.